Passage of the “Dream Act”

By Andrea Rivera
Passage of the “Dream Act”


Obama. Obama. Obama. His actions right before the elections in November inspires skepticism. He explains that he did it because it was the right thing to do, but why not before? Why now? Could it be for the elections? If it was the right thing to do, why didn’t he begin his presidency with this policy? Was it for the vote and support of Hispanic groups? Nonetheless, skepticism aside, he proposed a law will forever change the lives of thousands of affected undocumented families.    

On June 15, 2012, Barrack Obama announced a new hope for the undocumented: granting the freedom to any undocumented person who has lived their whole lives in the United States to obtain a work permit. Obama made it apparent that this was not a “permanent fix,” but it is a start. It is a start to a better nation; a start to eliminate fear in the minds of parents who think they have ruined the lives of their children by transporting them across the border; a start to fulfill the lives of our brothers and sisters, but an end to deportations and their corruption.

 It is time to change how our nation approaches the mixture of racism, neglect, discrimination, and frustration of the people. The misfortune is of undocumented minors sent a message thus far calling for the need for progress. This proposal gives the undocumented youth hope to persevere into the future without any hindrances. Progress will evidently lead to an unwelcomed number of problems but if we have overcome everything until now, imagine how much more we can do united.

The Dream Act was a policy created to allow undocumented teenagers to continue on to college right after school, but was shut down in 2010 by Congress. This was a loss and a shock for many students and families. Why won’t the government grant them that right?  I know the situation is delicate because everyone has different beliefs, but people as a whole should know right from wrong. At least I thought so. For example, I believe granting children their wish to continue in life after high school is not only right, but a beautiful concept: as a country we are fulfilling their dreams.  They have lived here their entire lives under the government system, and as children they do not have the maturity to understand why living here is unconstitutional. They were given free education as children but continuing would be tragically impossible because they are not legal. They are considered aliens… children considered aliens. Seriously? They are innocent lives who are going to face difficulties or obstacles because their parents are trying to do what’s best for them.

This policy is a gift to thousands of families across the nation. They are full of joy thanking every angel in heaven for listening to their prayers and for finally handing their children the hope they deserve. And also for giving next year’s high school graduates confidence and assurance to continue their schooling and their lives here in America, the land of dreams and prosperous lives.

 I have a neighbor named Cesar who is 9 years old and is the cutest little boy ever. Unfortunately he is undocumented and he knows he is from Mexico, but he doesn’t know that it’s illegal for him to be here. He frequently asks me about college and wonders when I’ll go, so that when I come back I can tell him everything, and give him tips to make it through. Thus far, every time the topic came up, I would change the topic as quickly as I could. It saddened me because I knew this kid was college material, capable of overcoming any challenges, but I also knew he wouldn’t have the chance to ever experience it… until now. I’m glad and extremely appreciative for the passage of this act. I’ll now be able to witness my neighbor who I see as a little brother, go off to college and succeed in his future dreams.

 We know this work permit will not grant any person citizenship, but allowing these children to one day become fully American is also inevitable. It may take months, years or decades but we have hope that this dream will come true. ¡Si se puede!


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