Meet Andrea Rivera

I’m glad to introduce our new Summer 2012 intern, Andrea Rivera. Here’s a little bit about her:

By Andrea Rivera.

I am not an everyday Lateen who loves to listen to Reik or dance all night to tribal music at quinceañeras or exceed the amount of salsa on my food. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rice and beans but I won’t be familiar with any funny Spanish jokes or sayings. I grew up in a household with a bilingual mother, a Spanish speaking- father, and an older sister. I would hear my father speak Spanish, but I wasn’t able to catch on as quickly because I spent most of my time with my mother and sister who knew more English than Spanish.  Yes, I went to a bilingual school, but in Kindergarten, as soon as the teachers found out that I could speak English, they immediately placed me in an English-speaking classroom taught by such a pleasant woman: Ms. Anderson. Anyway, ever since then I’ve always spoken more English than Spanish, I may have some difficulties speaking it but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand or write it. 

As I left my elementary school and proceeded to my new school for the next 6 years in Dallas, TX at Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School— I know, it’s a mouthful—, I was required to choose a language and stick with it. I chose Spanish. Most of my friends were immediately placed in advanced levels while I stayed behind in the beginners class. The feeling was horrifying; the students would look at me in awe because the color of my skin signaled a flag that I should already know the basics of the language. Even the teacher questioned why I was in there. The experience was embarrassing, but I overcame their criticism and did my very best in that class.

One of my best friends is Anglo and she says I’m still too Mexican for her; however my family in Mexico says I’m too American for them. It’s difficult to satisfy both cultures and be stuck in the middle, but either way, we consider ourselves family and that won’t ever change. My family understands me perfectly, as I do them, and I’ve come to realize that they will always love me for who I am. I still have difficulties speaking Spanish, but I have the heritage as any other Lateen and I’m proud of it. I’m a rock lovin’ huevo ranchero kind of girl who lives up to her own expectations because I KNOW I am not alone out there and many can relate to my personal experiences.

My name is Andrea Rivera and I’m 16. This summer I will be interning with iNSPIRE!, thanks to Education is Freedom, and words can’t explain how grateful I am for this opportunity. I hope to leave here with an understanding of the field of advertising and the intensity behind the work.


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