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The following serves as a supplement to the previous entry, “MySpace vs. Facebook.”  Please note that this is a personal recount of a single Lateen’s experience.

It’s no secret that technology is known to make things easier. It’s known to make things work faster without the same physical effort. It’s also known that my generation takes adavantage of technology and uses it constantly. My generation is different, my generation is who will make a better tomorrow for everyone else.

At school, at work, and at home I am involved in so many different activities, from academic clubs, sport teams to volunteer services. I can honestly say that nothing would be possible without my cell phone and laptop. After a while of being so involved, I have learned to network and meet new people. I’ve learned that unfortunately, the truth is most of the time it’s not who you are, it’s who you know. This brings me to my experience with technology and how my friends and I use it.

I recently created an account on Facebook. I already had a MySpace page, but joining Facebook was a necessary thing to do because all the “older” important contacts I have made along the way only have a Facebook page. Personally, I think they think it’s professional. Throughout history, the human species has transformed constantly to meet its enviroment in an effort to survive. Clearly now people are not adapting to eating wild berries like cavemen did long ago, but people are still adapting. For example just a few years ago, friends exchanged beeper numbers.  Now, not only can you contact someone with the click of a button, but with a few more clicks, you can see documentation of their personal lives.

As I’ve said before I attend W.H Adamson High School. My school is roughly 95 percent Hispanic. It’s a small school with about 1,000 students total. Since it’s so small and mostly made up of people from the neighborhood many of us know each other very well. I was recently elected Senior Class President and to be honest there is a lot to the job. That said, I love it because I love being a leader, but a leader is no one if he or she has no followers. So when I have an idea, I like to get feedback from everyone before I make a decision. This makes others happy, and contacting all students would be hard, but now, in 2010, it’s quite easy. I communicate with my friends through mass text messages, and in turn they continue to forward them to anyone who might be interested. I can also chat with them on MySpace or send an event invitation on Facebook. All this technology makes it easier to inform everyone or make new plans simultaneously.

When you think about it, it’s funny because my friends and I (well almost all teenagers across the world) are actually using technology to bring nations closer together. I see my brothers playing online with kids from Germany, and I can text 200 seniors at once about an upcoming meeting all the way from Mexico. Our generation surfs the web with at least three pages open at the same time. With all this technology we get bored easily, so access to multiple sources of information is useful. A good example of current technology that I use is the iPod Touch. Besides the music and Internet capabilities, now there are applications that can allow you to text and have WiFi for free. It really makes me wonder what comes next. Before you know it, we will have glasses that can surf the Web and make phone calls at the same time. It’s a bit overwhelming to think about sometimes. But then again, change is good. Change can help you learn from mistakes and stop history from repeating. At least that’s what I think.

I want to give you an example of my early experiences using Facebook.  Now remember, I’m a former avid MySpacer, and am just now understanding the phenomenon that is Facebook. Here at iNSPIRE!, I have been provided with multiple opportunities to host activities for my friends. Recently I had the privilege of helping host a world premier screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. At the time the movie wasn’t scheduled to come out for another two weeks and if that wasn’t cool enough, it was free and I could bring as many friends as I pleased. I had this awesome chance to bring students together, to have our first senior class gathering before school even started. But knowing we weren’t seeing each other at school, spreading the word would have been hard. Imagine if the Internet did not work or if cell phones couldn’t reach large numbers of people at once. I would of have panicked. Lucky for me this was not an issue. The first thing I did was to post a message on my Facebook and MySpace pages explaining this great event. Then I forwarded a mass text message to all my contacts. All of them kept the message moving and spreading the word. The night of the movie, I wondered and worried about the outcome. I had many friends who were out of town or working and couldn’t make it, but I still had a showing of about 150 friends. All of that from just four days of spreading the word. Or spreading the magic of technology, rather.

Although many believe that techonology is killing us, not literally, but killing the way we communicate, we should also recognize that we are creating a world that benefits us. A world that might seem complicated, but one that makes us happy. Just like horses used to be the only way to move around or to go hunt, soon flying cars will be the chosen way to go to McDonald’s. Or at least I hope so.


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