The Future Will Be More Hispanic

The future belongs to the young, and so we know that our future will be more and more Hispanic. That counts one of every five kids in school today, one of every four newborns and that number jumps to one of every two in California and Texas. The Pew Hispanic Center released an in-depth report that paints a fascinating picture of the values, education and employment of the next generation: Hispanics between the ages of 16 and 25. That includes high rates of teen pregnancy, gang affiliation and school dropouts, but it also finds that the majority of Latino youth speak English as their dominant language and place a high value on education and career success. Contrary to popular assumption, the great majority of young Hispanics are born in the U.S.

This group has already taken notice of their role in this country and the impact that they have from mainstream culture to their local communities. They are proud to be active participants of the broader youth movement, while being able to create something that is uniquely Latino. They are not ashamed, embarrassed or intimidated. Lateens meld together their American society with their Latino experiences to create a new America.

This doesn’t mean that today’s Lateen is not going to struggle, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. They realize that many of the issues such as immigration, unemployment and racism are not going to go away overnight. But they also realize that the future will be more Hispanic than it is today and it is up to them to define what the future will hold.

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