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Bristol Palin PSA – Teen Pregnancy Month Coming In May

As a follow up to a previous post “Should Lateena follow Bristol Palin’s lead?,” Bristol is starring in a new PSA warning against the trials and tribulations of teen pregnancy.

In the PSA, Bristol, who poses with her son Tripp, asks, “What if I didnt come from a famous family? What if I didn’t have all their support? What if I didn’t have all these opportunities?” She concludes, “Believe me, it wouldnt be pretty, and warns, “Pause before you play.”
When it comes to making the PSA, Bristol says, “I think people need to start talking about the consequences of teen pregnancy and all the effects that it does have. And if I can just prevent one person from getting pregnant as a teen, all of this will be worth it.”
Bristol says the biggest challenge she’s faced since becoming a mom at age 18 is the lack of freedom and independence she has suffered due to her son’s reliance on her. But she cites her supportive family as being a huge help: “I’m extremely blessed to have such a supportive family.” She points out, “I don’t know how other teen moms would do it without family being around.”
The PSA was created by the Candie’s Foundation and is meant to educate teens about the consequences of teen pregnancy in order to prevent it. The PSA will begin running in May to coincide with Teen Pregnancy Month.

April 8, 2010   1 Comment

Should Lateenas follow Bristol Palin’s lead?

One of the biggest issues affecting the Lateena population is teen pregnancy.  Recently, Bristol Palin gave Americans some bullshit line about how she was going to be abstinent until marriage. Whether she can live up to this, only time will tell. Bristol is a teen mother and she may not be Hispanic, but unfortunately too many young Latinas can relate. [Read more →]

March 15, 2010   3 Comments