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Identity: I Am Me

Story of a Lateen becoming a new age Latina in this country.  Powerfully written in her own words.


More than just a word thrown on a page

A noun efficiently used in discussion of who you are, where you’re from, and who you hope to be, It is your root system spreading deeply, widely, freely.

When you pass me, who do you see?

Yes, you notice my dove chocolate skin;

My curious double espresso pair of eyes; my dimple on the right side; my almost perfect row of pearly crest whitened teeth; my 100-watt smile, melting away all adversity; my dark brown almost black hair that has been stripped of its kinky curls to be straight to the roots.

My short stature, curvy body along with hips that absolutely refuse to fit into Abercrombie & Fitch.

That is me.

This intense description of my physical appearance is lacking.

Sure I am what you see, but do you see what I am?

Doubt it!

I am more than a body and words on a page.

I am a series of complex roots.

Twisting. Crossing. Intersecting uniquely below the surface.

I am the product of the clash between two worlds.

Culture clash, cling, clash and change. Yes we can.

Brought in the headlights between two worlds, a subject of profiling.

Whether it was racial or not. I believed that I was caught.

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April 30, 2010   1 Comment

Set a Trend

It might be time to once again talk about how Lateens tend to be trendsetters. When asked, our high school group verified that while they shop for a varied array of brands, they’re not partial to a certain one. They also mentioned that even though they mix and match fashions, they still try to maintain a personal style that says something about who they are. It’s a thought out process, and they don’t want to look like anyone else, which is funny, because a lot of times teens seem more inclined to follow trends than to set them. Whether it’s Nike, Ecko, Adidas, or Polo, there’s a single style that emerges from all of these. And along with it comes an attitude and a feeling. Looking cool is important to young people, and for Lateens, a clean and distinct look says something about status, and about how attuned you may be with the culture. Their style is an urban one, and as this segment grows, it’s a style that will soon become a staple of the mainstream culture of the American youth.

April 13, 2010   1 Comment